Typhoon Season, Fictional Cafe, forthcoming
A NaviglioSiren, May 2019
StinkbugsFictional Cafe, April 2018
Nice GirlGravel, January 2018
Dog AshesThe Worcester Journal, October 2016

Creative Nonfiction

Glossary of Japanese Onomatopoeia for Gaijin, Kyoto Journal, KJ 95, September 2019
TeahouseSiren, August 2019
Thrill of the HuntZeal, May 2019
Soaring Over SorachiKyoto Journal, November 2018
Say Potato, Say Potato, Maine the Way, November 2018
Once the Fun EndsFoliate Oak, April 2018
I Wonder if I’ll Miss Pregaming Alone, Polestar, July 2017
Night Ski
, Eunoia Review, May 2017
An American Election in JapanGerminal, February 2017
The Place Where You Live: Takikawa, Japan
Orion Magazine, November 2016 (also published as Table Tennis, Polestar, November-December 2016)


Messiah of the Thirteenth Colony by Davide Camparsi, translated from Italian, Future SF, forthcoming
The Weirdo by Davide Camparsi, translated from Italian, The Dark
iMate by Francesco Verso, translated from Italian.

Film Writing

Kevin McMullin Talks Low Tide, The Jersey Shore, and Striking GoldFilm Inquiry, October 2019.
Low Tide: Boys on the BrinkFilm Inquiry, October 2019
Inside The Party of Portland FilmmakingFilm Inquiry, September 2019
Lana Banana, Candyman, Candyman: Being an Ally in American HorrorFilm Inquiry, March 2019
Guadagnino’s Ivory Tower: Setting, Intellectualism, and Desire in Call Me by Your NameEckleburg, January 2019
Of Ennui and AnimaliaFilm Inquiry, January 2019
American Horror Story’s Madison Montgomery: It Girl, Witch Girl, Holy GirlFilm Inquiry, December 2018
Clara’s Ghost: Family Specters Roam FreelyFilm Inquiry, December 2018
In a Relationship: Nobody Is Having Any FunFilm Inquiry, November 2018
Witches at World’s End in American Horror Story: ApocalypseFilm Inquiry, November 2018
Time Travel Dream Girl: Trauma and Romance in Your Name and My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday; Film Inquiry, October 2018
Done to DeathAvidly, October 2018

Other Nonfiction
Engaging Politics GloballyPolestar, February 2017
Playing the Part: Filtering out the Awkwardness
Polestar, October 2016
Commodifying Culture, Change Magazine, April 2016
Alumni Profiles, Bowdoin Magazine, Winter 2015
Selective Support, Change Magazine, November 2015
Home-Grown Environmentalism, Change Magazine, July 2015
Bowdoin Orient, Features Reporter
Paradise Found, Rhode Island Monthly: Engaged, December 2014
Seville, Spain: Bullfighting MuseumDiverting Journeys, September 2014
Formally Introduced: Aidan PetrieRhode Island Monthly,  August 2014
Do You Mind?; Head Case, Rhode Island Monthly: Whole Woman, August 2014
Art to Explore from Vacationland to the Ocean StateCoffee and Lipstick, May 2014
Misadventures with Michael, May 2013-2018